TechEnergy Ventures unveils its first investment in the Carbon Management vertical

Svante, a key player in the Carbon Capture segment, is building a disruptive technology to offer low-cost decarbonization solutions for industrial and power emitters.

TechEnergy Ventures ­–the Corporate Venture Capital of the Energy Transition Division of Techint– is excited to announce its first investment in the Carbon Capture segment, which is going through renewed interest given its potential to become the lowest cost of decarbonization for industrial and power emitters.  

In this context, Svante has developed an innovative point source capture process where flue gas enters a continuous rotating platform in which CO2 is trapped by their proprietary filters and then is released purified, and ready for storage.

With over 15 years of development, the technology shows CAPEX and OPEX decrease (vs. current state of the art) and reduces construction risks by having a robust modular approach. Led by Claude Letourneau, a former technology entrepreneur, and backed by a group of existing and new strategic and financial investors, Svante is pushing hard to be a key player in building a commercially viable carbon management industry.

Additionally, Svante’s is willing to play a key role by participating with their filters in direct air capture and carbon dioxide removal segments.

Alejandro Solé, Chief Investment Officer of TechEnergy Ventures, explains the decision to invest in Svante: “We believe Carbon Capture will build its position as the lowest cost option to decarbonize hard to abate industrial segments, which represent 25% of total emissions and typically compete in segments where the clients have limited willingness to pay green premiums. Recent progress in the regulatory environment, both in the US and Europe, provides the direct incentives required for emitters to make a business out of their decarbonization investments, and the appropriate setting for startups to accelerate their technology de-risking. Svante is in the right place with the right technology to be one of the key players in the CC industry”.

So far, the technology landscape has been dominated by traditional amine technologies, in a 44MMton market where the capture investment was driven by the need to use CO2 in other processes, but not as a decarbonization project. Carbon Capture as a decarbonization route will potentially increase the market by 150x, with the potential to decarbonize 6.2 Gtons/y by 2050. This new opportunity is driving massive interest in the segment, and innovation is rapidly accelerating with new approaches that will become much more cost-efficient than the state-of-the-art.

“The size and cost of installing carbon capture technology have been a barrier to industry adoption. Svante’s modular solid sorbent technology is designed to capture CO2 from industrial flue gas. […] This funding will support Svante’s commercial-scale filter manufacturing facility in Vancouver, which is anticipated to produce enough filter modules to capture millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year across hundreds of large-scale carbon capture and storage facilities,” states Svante in a press release.

Svante Inc has raised 318 million dollars to accelerate the commercialization of the technology.

For more information, you may read the press release here.

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